Regina Reynolds is one of the most creative marketing people I have had the pleasure of working with during my career. She is tireless in her pursuit of identifying innovative approaches to obstacles, effective messaging and creating an enthusiastic environment for change. She listens to the issues, drafts plans to elicit input and executes. There was no stone left unturned and her efforts extended beyond just your typical marketing plan with out of the box approaches which match today’s lifestyles and communication avenues. With Regina’s contribution our team took over a 10 year old product line with no new innovative technology and grew the business 17% against a market place where the market leader enjoyed a >80% market share with her marketing prowess and creativity. She is relentless in her pursuit of achieving the organizational goals and a sales champion who will always be a welcome addition to any sales organization!
— Industry Executive - Agilent Technologies
I worked with Ms. Reynolds in Third Wave Biotechnology while she was the Marketing Communications Director of our company. I was impressed with her leadership talents. She was a self-starter, a hard worker with a strong sense in strategic vision, and always had a singularly creative edge. She was dedicated to her work, and had strong analytical skills in our dynamically growing biotech environment. Her innovative and strategic thinking, with her strong science-based conceptual ability, allowed the company to grow into multimillion dollar business with strong customer relationships. This growth was supported and enhanced by her strategic vision within the organization, her market knowledge and her ability to apply her innovative marketing abilities to medical/research programs that would set trends. 
I have known her for over 15 years as a trusted colleague and friend. I would highly recommend her in any corporate or small business environment requiring medical-scientific leadership skills and a cooperative work style. I am confident that her creative innovative initiatives would assure commercial and financial and market share growth.
— PhD Industry Thought Leader Molecular Diagnostics
Regina’s extensive medical device and molecular diagnostic marketing expertise and pro-active attitude contributed to the overall strategic direction of the company well above and beyond her responsibilities. As the director of corporate communications on the investor relations side and the marketing director on the product regulatory side, she led a number of critical initiatives during the SARS crisis which resulted in the success of our market entry. She was able to balance both functions with a high level of creativity and integrity as we led USA-based assay development — from HHS media relations to global CDC new product awareness. 

In addition, with the tight timeline on product development she helped to build systems and processes to address ISO standard within our dynamic start-up environment. Regina worked hand in hand with my team to ensure the highest levels of quality while supporting the executive team in achieving fiscal goals.
— PhD QA & RA Industry Executive
I have known Regina professionally for years. Her understanding of branding and her ability to develop executive communication deliverables is outstanding. She has excellent listening skills and she is proficient in design trends and nuances. 
Regina’s integrity and commitment to health and life sciences allows me to recommend her to organizations and individuals looking for an innovative approach to branding, communication strategy and commercialization of novel wellness initiatives.
— Industry Commercialization Executive
Regina would bring the right mix of science & business acumen to any sales, marketing or business development campaign. Her depth & creativity along with attention to details is helping BPNG establish a comprehensive branding & identity system in just months, something the organization wasn’t able to accomplish in the past on our own. She warms to the task and delivers in the quality & content of results. She is the best!
— Founders BioPharma Networking Group
I had the opportunity to work closely with Regina when she was with Smiths Medical. Her creative input led to a nationally recognized marketing campaign within the Sharps Safety arena of the Medical Device industry. As a product manager, I relied on her creative insight and knowledge of the medical device industry and the importance of needlestick prevention within the hospital environment. 

It was due to her strategic thinking, knowledge and creative energy that the resulting marketing campaign was hugely successful and collateral materials were requested by customers for several years beyond its launch. 

Regina has a unique ability to bring new ideas or angles to an opportunity or situation that can be unexpected but completely resonate with the intended audience.
— Director, Product Marketing and Business Analysis