The Quantum Brand Formula

Quantum Brand Formulation© (QBF) is a proprietary process, a formula that allows us to quickly and efficiently develop powerful brand experiences for established organizations, start-ups and solo entrepreneurs. This novel formula, addresses 7 distinct elements, vital to creating a distinctive holistic identity that is of “true value” for customers. This proven, science-based approach is both qualitative and quantitative by design and provides an encompassing identity, targeted content and organizational strategy for quick market entry and long-term success. 

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The Formula and How It Works

QBF encompasses the following brand attributes: energy – multipliers – whole brain analysis – core identity – whole heartedness – external factors – true value. Using a confidential interview platform, a data-collection exercise, an emerging brand is talked about, explored and challenged to produce in-depth information. This information is then organized, combined, dissected and reformulated to form a succinct brand messaging statement, identity recommendation and an operational outline.

Let us Make your quantum brand a reality with Fast-to-market, cost-effective digital and traditional marketing initiatives

Let us Make your quantum brand a reality with Fast-to-market, cost-effective digital and traditional marketing initiatives

7 Key Elements

Energy is important to developing a quantum brand as it is the force that drives a brand to success. This section of the interview takes a pulse on the energy issues at play within the organization and what effect they will have on brand acceptance.

Multipliers of a company, product or service are explored in order for an expansive view. It allows for careful review of all the facets that make up an all-encompassing brand. Seeing individual elements in relationship to each other to ensure you are maximizing potential.

Whole brain analysis is key to thoughtful branding. More extensive than a traditional SWAT analysis, this portion of the interview outlines the critical thinking capabilities from the creative side of the brain and the analytical side of the brain that sustains a brand's life cycle.

Core identity probes what is at the center of an organization, product or service’s existence. It is a drill-down exercise aimed at prioritizing market offerings into a purposeful and authentic being.

Whole heartedness is all about commitment and dedication. Here we explore the passion that moves the ordinary to the extraordinary to be a quantum brand that resonates with your audience immediately.

External factors are a practical look at the dynamics at work that are largely out of the control of the organization or individual. Here we detail key issues that need to be addressed in a timely fashion in order to support the launch of an authentic brand.

True value is focused on a deliverable that goes beyond a value proposition. This portion of the interview determines the overriding true value that becomes the essence of the quantum brand.


Quantum Brand Formulation 

MISSION is to supply encompassing services to create true-value based quantum brands.

VISION is to empower people to create a healthier world.

ENERGY is to jumpstart the purpose you bring to life.

Regina was a huge help in branding and kick starting my business. Her extensive interview process gave me the clarity I wasn’t even aware that I needed. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams. Now, with her help, I have a brand strategy and the momentum and clear path to go forth and live my passion in helping others.
— Founder Tele-Energetics hp Technique