25+ years of successful direction in leading global corporate settings and lean biotech, gives the VERISCOMM team the ability to truly understand your world and concerns. Boardroom challenges, global integration, fiscal constraints and managing day-to-day operational changes are core to our quantum branding approach. We offer you a novel process and personalized know-how, plus significant life sciences, research-use-only (RUO) to FDA compliant clinical market expertise and industry connections to enhance your brand and grow your business.

VERISCOMM invites you to share your vision, explore your specific brand requirements and put our problem solving and creative approach to the test with a free consultation. Simply review the list below, print this web page and check off your specific areas of interest. Take a quick photo of the check list with your smart phone and text to 323-929-9938 or simply use the contact form below.


As the CEO, I have hand-on experience in the Metro NYC, New England, Midwest and California biotech hubs. A virtual team of experts supports me across the United States. All members of the team have over 20 years experience in the life sciences, medical device and/or biotechnology sectors. All of us are here to help you with innovative, growth-focused strategies.


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