Quantum Branding

Reaching for new ways to communicate your brand, I have authored a novel scientific-based process called Quantum Brand Formulation© (QBF). This stand-alone approach combines seven critical elements for core identity and true value determination that provides you with a one-of-a-kind brand strategy that separates you from the pack.

Proven to be highly efficient and accurate for lean biotech, start-ups, entrepreneurs, artisans and established brands looking to own a unique space in the minds of customers.



Regina is an experienced marketing and branding professional. She has the unique ability to cut through the noise to efficiently determine what works and what doesn’t. She offers a distinct approach and perspective that is both targeted and cost-effective. Regina quickly identifies a brand’s fundamental strengths and position in order to develop focused strategies and tactics to maximize potential market and multi-channel media impact. She is a strong advocate for her client’s and will assist in developing novel programs to address the constantly evolving digital and traditional marketing landscape.
— VP, Leading Life Sciences Corporation


A lifetime dedicated to science and art has led to the introduction and launch of Beeaglee©.
This new forum is a home-base for exploration and expression for a healing world.


Marketing Operations

VERISCOMM is dedicated to brand-specific digital and traditional marketing. Our initiatives range from strategic planning, market research to complex multi-channel program design and execution. Experienced in both regulatory/compliant and new product development settings, we well versed in supporting your internal processes and goals.

From the executive suite to the design studio we tailor our approach to your corporate culture because we have hands-on experience in corporate operations and best practices.

Looking for a unique perspective in public relations and cost-effective services for personalized press relations? VERISCOMM offers a proven portfolio of highly engaging and effective initiatives including investor relations, partnership announcements and new product and technology launches. Expertise includes events, digital, medical education and traditional PR programs.