Consumer Personalized Genetic Testing?

Health Connexions™ announced today a collaborative partnership with Genelle, a genetic wellness company that provides the opportunity for consumers to unlock their potential through Predictive Consumer Genomics and customized wellness products. Health Connexions will work closely with Genelle to officially launch their state-of-the-art, web-based social community platform in 2016, which will offer detailed reports and recommendations on:

Skin Care & Anti-Aging
Weight Management & Nutrition
Sports Performance
Personality and Inborn Talents

Genelle’s offering will go beyond their robust scientific reports and recommendations by offering their customers the opportunity to purchase personalized skin care and health supplement products that are formulated specifically for each individual, based on their own DNA and online questionnaires. The move towards providing customers with personalized solutions will catapult Genelle into the upper echelons of personalized genetic testing.

Health Connexions’ President and CEO, Dawn Van Dam, said “We are honored to work with an organization that has so thoroughly ‘done their research’ to produce a series of genetic tests and related products that are second-to-none. The science and reports have been meticulously prepared. Personalized genetic testing is a new direction in science and Genelle’s approach has the potential to be a game-changer for consumers everywhere.”

The Genelle team is working hard to ready their innovative, personalized products which will improve the quality of your life, your looks and your well-being. By working alongside Genelle, Health Connexions aims to attract innovative partners who desire to be early adopters of this personalized wellness program.

“We want to guide people towards a better life by improving their lifestyle and well-being. Theoretically, we know everyone is unique, but at Genelle our goal is to help customers transform those differences into strengths. Through Genelle’s personalized testing, you will be able to discover your uniqueness and gain self-understanding. We aim to be a total solution in personalized genomics so customers can take control of their own happiness,” said Abboud Barakat, President and CEO of Genelle.