If you know me, you know I love Apple

A customer since the early '80s, I have alway been impressed with my Apple products and services. I have seen them leave the research market and now return. But the best news of all in their recent announcement regarding healthcare. Bravo - read more:


Important Information for my Rotary International Colleagues

Back in 1988, the WHO, CDC, UNICEF and the service club Rotary International embarked on an ambitious plan to get rid of polio. (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined the polio eradication partnership in the last decade.) At the time, there were three strains of the virus circulating... Read the full article at the link below.




News About Rare Diseases from the WSJ

For six years, The Wall Street Journal followed a group of parents and scientists seeking a treatment for a rare and fatal genetic disease that strikes primarily children. Their collaboration accelerated development of a promising drug and, along the way, pushed the boundaries of medical research itself. See the story for yourself:


Want to know where healthcare is going, read this insightful article

The super-convergence of science, communications, and technology not only demands proven success in each, but the strategic chops to integrate that expertise across everything done health. Let’s discuss the difference that makes all the difference in the world…


When a Leading Publication Publishes an Article Like this You Know there is a Problem

Thank you Nature for sharing this important study with the industry. I have seen this in my tenure at Whatman, the results can be devastating.