VERISCOMM is a team of accomplished executive “insiders” educated on corporate best practices needed to bring high tech products to commercial success in both regulated and non-regulated markets. 
We have a proven track record from life science research to personalized medicine in helping companies define their “true value” in support of innovative platforms, new product launches, start-ups and entrepreneurs. We provide a wide range of short term solutions for organizations seeking expertise on a project-by-project basis.
As a woman-owned business, we are a proud supporter of non-profit initiatives focused on the bioscience industry, STEAM and global healthcare education.


About Regina M. Reynolds, CEO

Ms Reynolds earned her BA, Upsala College and MA Program, Montclair University. Her formal education uniquely combines biology, chemistry and fine arts.
In addition, continuing education studies were completed at University of Wisconsin- Madison, Bentley College and Babson. 

She has over 25 years of director-level expertise in the areas of public relations, marketing and corporate communications; successfully directing in-house creative and marketing services departments in global corporations such as Smiths Industries and Agilent Technologies and start-ups to include Third Wave Technologies and EraGen Biosciences. Regina has extensive new product development in the area of life sciences, genomics, diagnostics and devices with an emphasis on critical care and infectious disease.  MORE

About the Advisory Board

Dr. Fugen Tulgar, CLO is a global marketing strategist and researcher in the field of diagnostics and infectious disease. She holds a PhD in Philosophy and Leadership from Gonzaga University along side of a Masters Degree in Communications and Leadership. Fugen also earned a MSc in Microbiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

Dr. Tulgar bring unique insight, with a blend of new product commercialization for major global healthcare companies and a strong academic network of thought leaders. MORE

Steve Ernst, CCO is a respected publisher and editor in the life sciences market. He has over 25 years editorial, public relations and technical writing experience with leading media outlets and scientific magazines He holds a BA in English from William Paterson University. Steve knows the ins and outs of technical publishing and public relations. MORE

Dylan Mulick, is a producer and director. He earned his BA in English from  John Carroll University, and has attended courses at Columbia University - Film Studies and UCLA - Screenwriting. 

He has writing a number of feature and TV projects for various producers, production companies and studios, and has directed commercials for brands such as Volvo, Kmart and Dodge. Dylan has a solid portfolio of innovative approaches to story telling that are edgy and youth-culture driven. MORE